Josh & Beth | Engagement | Elora, Ontario

It is easy to see why Elora, Ontario was picked as one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Canada by the arts, travel and culture website, The picturesque village, built along the Grand River and Elora Gorge in Wellington County is home to 19th century limestone buildings, quaint cafes, and the newly renovated world-class Elora Mill Inn and Spa. At one time I lived within a 30 minute drive to the village and would often visit the Gorge and browse the shops on some of my week-end getaways. When Josh and Beth asked me for a great spot for their engagement session, I couldn’t think of a better place than Elora!

The weather this winter was a bit unpredictable so planning a day where there wasn’t sleet or frigid temperatures proved to be more difficult than we thought. And, unfortunately, the stairs to the Gorge was closed due to icy conditions. Ironically, Beth mentioned that there was a little cafe called The Lost and Found Cafe that she and Josh had visited and thought would make for a perfect setting for a few photos. How right she was! The eclectic furnishings, dark teal painted walls and large muntin style windows were ideal. After scouting out a few other areas around town, we set the date and landed on a beautiful, sunny winter’s day in February. Here are the photos from a very fun engagement session with Josh and Beth.

Lori-Anne Crewe